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PROTOTYPE 81 is an Athleisure Lifestyle Brand designed by an athlete, for an aspired or aspiring athlete with style and performance in mind.
Our primary target market is the modern man and woman that is looking for stylish clothing brand options that reflects his/her busy lifestyle of working and sweating. Although men will make up our primary target market, the collection will offer a unisex assortment with options for women as well. The brand was created by Terrell Owens, one of the best wide receivers in NFL history who was inducted to the Hall of Fame in 2018.
Terrell Owens is considered a “PROTOTYPE” athlete by fans worldwide. He is considered an aspirational body-type athlete by fans and professionals alike. He is an avid health and fitness advocate.
The goal of this brand is to motivate, inspire and impact the industry through Desire, Dedication & Discipline. We are athletic inspired, and fashion influenced.